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Splinter thinks progressives should portray older, white men as incontinent

No one tell them that Bernie is older than the guy currently in the White House.

When you do clownery... Mother's Day edition

Don’t go spitting out food if yours is trash. I realize this is a greeting card holiday, so if you don’t have the best relationship (or any) with your mother, at least laugh at the big head’s chicken.

In women's soccer news...

This is kinda a big deal!

OK, so why did this make me tear up a bit?

Some background. Frances Tiafoe plays tennis really well and has been talked about on TSB by Rooo and me for some time now. He beat Hachi’s tennis boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov to make the first grand slam quarterfinal of his career at the Australian Open—making him the youngest American man to do so since lunchmeat…

She is trash

Trash person apologizes, admits she is trashier than you originally thought, if you can believe it.

And another one And another one

Recently, I joined Deadspin as their social editor. My sister, Megan Reynolds, has worked at Jezebel for a little over a year.


Splinter writers, stop doing yourselves like this.

And then there was Rich...

Bobby left and I’m not sure if anyone even noticed.


I know she’s a troll and does this deliberately, but I’m messy and I like drama so I hope Chelsea runs just to piss KK off.

Someone explain to me how this is possible (nsfw maybe?)

Besides the answer being melanin. HOW?

One of y'all called it

This might seem glib, but Jez had Rich write Aretha Franklin’s obit. It’s just...of all the writers there, why him?

I dislike the tone of this?

I’ve dedicated my life to the World Cup in a country that fucked with our election, but there’s only so much about “tender age shelters” I can read about before going on a rampage, so soccer it is!

These comments suck

No one cares about her “right” to express an opinion. She plays on a team that’s full of LGBTQ women. She effectively ended her career at the international level by refusing to wear a rainbow because of Jesus. Fuck this bitch. Fuck her team (that’s at the top of the table, unfortunately). And fuck her homophobic ass…

When will Splinter forsake the cult of Sanders to speak out for a wronged Latina?

Remember when Splinter was Fusion and still cared about Latinx people?

Melting Blossoms

Oh come cum on, Megan.

Don't fuck with Chelsea Clinton

Has anyone been following the saga of Chelsea Clinton snatching journalist’s weaves on twitter? I have and it’s great!

Poll the Bowl: Ketchup Edition Poll the Bowl: Ketchup Edition

Hi everybody! Hachi said she likes ketchup and I disagreed. So now I’m asking the rest of you to either roast her or drag me.

A tweet based on an Instagram post by a 🤡

Killer Mike can’t help himself, can he?

Look at this shit

Tim Burke, Deadspin’s video editor, was clearly feeling himself after that Sinclair video went viral and decided to shoot his shot on a potential (and always popular) Racism In Soccer Story.

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