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Chadwick and Michelle (UPDATE)

With what I can only assume happened because she read our comments about it, The Lord(TM) has guided Michelle away from this absolute racist pile of mayo. Can I get a Amen?

I think I see why Bey went solo


I need an Olympics person in here

What does this mean? It seems bad but also good for the Olympics?

Florida Canada

So a bootleg Bonnie & Clyde tried to run from the police in Edmonton and well....

The reason we be getting shot out here

Also, cops gonna have to do some cardio. They should be getting tired of being outran by literally everyone

Where are their parents Where are their parents

Tired of these thugs. Get out of my country!!

Ya boy the Hotep Ya boy the Hotep

Normally, I don’t give a shit about being blocked from a Kinja platform. I was blocked from Gawker 3 separate times. This one actually hurts. Mind, it’s not getting blocked because, I hardly go to that trash part of the Kinja platform. It’s the reason.

T. Swizzle the return

So, a few days ago I posted a video of Taylor Swift’s awesome new song that unfortunately, no one listed to. So now, I drop y’all this tweet:

Because I love starting shit Update: it gone Because I love starting shit Update: it gone

Better than Earth Wind and Fire amirite?

Hey Salad Bowl

No fighting here. ;)

Hey Salad Bowl

I preface with there is no violence in this. I want you to enjoy it the first time without waiting for someone to get hit.

When you're too good

Yeah, Sharipova might have made more money than here but in 10 years, very few will remember that as the walk into Serena Williams Headquarters.

Hey Salad Bowl

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

Hey Salad Bowl Hey Salad Bowl

No violence here. Sorry?

Black women be shopping amirite?

No really, they buying errthang round here.

Hey Salad Bowl (UPDATED)

 I’m bout to start class but hello there.

Hey Salad Bowl

So, ignore the thuggish white women fighting over a FUCKING NOTEBOOK in Walmart, check out if you can see how much the brother man is getting paid to work there. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hey Salad Bowl

Check her out when she went straight white lady.

Hey Salad Bowl

When keeping it real goes wrong

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