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Tyrelopnik Tyrelopnik

The zombie Prius tyres on the GT86 have finally gone to landfill heaven, to be replaced by Michelin PS4s. They review pretty well, I got a good deal on them, and Toyota and Subaru are both using them as OEM fit on the performance-spec versions of the 2019 Twins, which bodes well for how they’ll suit the car. I’ve only…

This is why we can't have nice things This is why we can't have nice things

My wife is not a great driver. She’s OK once she’s on the open road, but she can’t manoevre for shit. When she left college she applied for a job in Air Traffic Control: thank God she didn’t get it because her general approach to the question “Is there enough space?” is “Lets try it and find out”.


Well it’s not as ugly as I expected, in person. That’s not a high bar to cross though.

Such yellow. Many Carbon. Wow!! Such yellow. Many Carbon. Wow!!

Actually, these things look way better in the flesh than I’d expected from images. Still not a DB9, but a pretty good effort.

Mmmm, symmetry Mmmm, symmetry

Historic Touring Cars at Hampton Downs

Arden AJ4 Arden AJ4

In principle, me likey a lot. In practice, practically every cosmetic change in the photoshoot car is ugh. In particular,I’m not sure whether the wheels or the blackout grille are the bigger crime.

People diss the 86’s “Prius tires” People diss the 86’s “Prius tires”

...but they sure last pretty good.

Summer break Summer break

I has my beer, the cat has his jungle, and all’s right with the world.

Never heard of this guy

But after all, all he did was blow up a fucking Japanese cruiser with a midget submarine then volunteer to go back and do it again, so why would I have?

Shedlopnik Shedlopnik

Almost done. Jai approves. 

Oppo factoid #1,217,803 Oppo factoid #1,217,803

The airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is approximately 11 m/s.

So that was easy So that was easy

Turns out that refitting a track isn’t that hard if you have the proper tools. Proper tools in this instance equaling crowbars, sledge, socket set...... and a 6 ton excavator with a driver who’s been using it long enough that it’s an extension of his hand.

Well, shit Well, shit

So that didn’t go well.

It Turrrns! It Turrrns!

Another good news / bad news weekend in project Make Casey Great Again. Adjusted the brake pullrods and it now steers and stops (as long as I don’t mind pulling really hard on the levers). So now I have the full selection of crawly-buckety motions available to me, and I can go play in the debris pile that is my yard,…

It Moooves! It Moooves!

More progress in project Make Casey Great Again: we have motion!


Someone rolling Yakuza style.

It Lives!!! It Lives!!!

Project Make Casey Great Again achieves its first milestone: we have (compression) ignition! Plus the bucket hydraulics work, which is a nice bonus.

Presented as a safety reminder

Though I’d hope most folks wouldn’t go to this extreme, flammable gases are not your friend.

What's the least powerful car you've owned? What's the least powerful car you've owned?

I’ve had several tire-shredding beasts in the 50-60hp range, but my personal best is 34hp, from my 1980s Renault 4GTL. And that was the go-faster 1100cc version: if I wasn’t such a bourgeoisie (I paid GBP100 for it) I could have had the basic 750cc model, with a terrifying 25hp, like proper paysans drove.

Pick up sticks Pick up sticks

I’ve had a couple of guys in doing a little light gardening.

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