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Touareg V10 on its first post-repair road trip

I I never did write part 2 of my Touareg V10 fix up. I will soon. Just a quick update for now. After replacing the cams, fuel pumps, cleaning and lubing the turbo nozzle linkage, I’ve been driving it for about 2 weeks now and have already put 1100+ miles on it.

The Touareg V10 fix up begins The Touareg V10 fix up begins

Many months ago, I wrote about how I probably need my head checked for buying a Touareg V10. Granted, I bought it for cheap already knowing what level of work would be needed to make it right again.

I need to have my head checked I need to have my head checked

Despite Jalopnik’s warning that the V10 TDI diesel Touaregs are the worst maintenance nightmare EVER, I just bought one.

Cummins diesels recalled over poorly aging catalysts

In a report from Green Car Congress, they briefly explain that CARB has been working with Cummins on a solution to this problem. It’s not a defeat device, the vehicles were in fact perfectly clean when new, but the catalysts that reduce the emissions to legal levels were not aging well and eventually caused excess…

Red Bull to switch to Honda engines for 2019

Well, it’s the move we’ve been waiting with baited breath for. It’s not official yet, but signs are looking promising that Red Bull is indeed set to make the switch to Honda next year after more than a decade with Renault and 4 World Championships in a row.

Remembering a Great Racing Driver Who Many Don't Know

He might not be well-remembered now, but I very clearly remember many moments of being awed at the sheer bravery and skill of Canadian Greg Moore. He wasn’t with a top rung team, but they were solid. The pretty blue Player’s brand sponsored Forsythe team’s Reynard-Mercedes was a good looking car that stands out in my…

Greenpeace storms car carrier, steals keys (video). Greenpeace storms car carrier, steals keys (video).

Greenpeace posted the video below a few hours ago, showing them illegally boarding a ship, applying stickers on various vehicles pleading VW to ditch diesel and also stealing numerous keys to diesel VWs.

F1 Silly season--for engines

Sauber to not have Honda engines? Maybe stick with Ferrari? No, maybe they’ll get Mercedes engines and McLaren will have Ferrari engines? Nobody will have Hondas?

Dieselgate status report

The court has released an update on progress to the #Dieselgate scandal that touches on how well VW is progressing on all fronts, both in terms of buy backs and fixes.

UPDATE: Tavarish's "FreeR6" resurfaces on Craiglist...

Well, that’s a disappointing way to end a neat giveaway idea. Wonder what Freddy would think about this??

Did anyone see...?

The blisters on Graham Rahal’s hands during the red flag of the Detroit Grand Prix race 2 this afternoon??

An interesting thought for Formula E An interesting thought for Formula E

Get Dr. Don Panoz and Ben Bowlby on the phone and ask if they would be so kind to make a single seater version of the Delta Wing, as originally envisioned by Bowlby. Or, sell the rights to someone who will under Bowlby’s direction (seems Dallara is always looking for new and interesting cars to build and make a buck).

Volkswagen gets U.S. approval for emissions fix on Gen 3 2.0L TDIs

Reuters announced today that U.S. regulators have in fact approved an emissions fix for Gen 3 “EA288" family 2.0L TDI diesel engines, these engines were only found in 2015 model year Golf, Beetle, Jetta and Passats and represent about 58,000 of the over 400,000 affected cars. You will also note that the article states…

Nigel Mansell Explains Differences Between 93 IndyCar and F1 cars. Nigel Mansell Explains Differences Between 93 IndyCar and F1 cars.

Back in IndyCar’s Turbo V8 glory days, pre-split, we had former and a reigning F1 World Driver’s Championship title holders running not only the Indianapolis 500, but also the entire IndyCar season.

Remembering Mark Donohue, 40 years later.

Robin Miller wrote a somewhat short, commemorative article over at Racer Mag:

The sad end and subsequent funny "fix" of a 1991 Jetta ECODiesel The sad end and subsequent funny "fix" of a 1991 Jetta ECODiesel

This is somewhat related to "Slowest Race Ever": http://jalopnik.com/slowest-race-e…