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I Don't Remember.

I love you, etc. Forgive Me Please. :-)

My Cancer insugernt is insane.

II Truly Hate

Lotsa problems. Fuck you. Love You too. Mental shit. Will solve eventually. Hey Daphene :-)

Hi Svend :-)

Why? Good people.etc.


Funniest thing since Joe Biden declared Himself a ‘’ Progressive” in Delaware yesterday..

L Hate. 

Why? No reason. Am drunk. Fuck you. Person or friend of God.  Go Human. He hates. 

Beer is Good. Blah.

Am Drunk, etc. 

Wish Whataburger etc.

Mushroom/hamburger post showed up on feed. Good stuff .luv ya Swen :-)

Wiener stufff

Hi Chicago,!!  

Kinnjja is worsrt. 

Nothing More. Fuck You.


Google Sucks. 

Kinterest.  Lotsa Updates,  etc. 

Annoying. Yes.  Informative? Yes. Thank You :-)

Still Working on Latest (Blue) Piece Still Working on Latest (Blue) Piece

6” x 6” Think it will be good. 8-10 working days so far. Am lazy.

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