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Univision helped 5 House Republicans keep their jobs Univision helped 5 House Republicans keep their jobs

Back in September, a Splinter author chose to call out the CEO of Amazon for a $10M contribution to a political action commitee (PAC) that the author did not approve of.

Behind the Birthweek Behind the Birthweek

There’s at least one weird-sounding line in this song, if you find it you win a prize.

Get Birthweeked Get Birthweeked

Birthweeks are events that are celebrated by all entities that exist within our understanding of time, from the most acclaimed of pigeons to the least acclaimed of blades of grass. It is on this ninth birthweek of Observation Deck that we stand witness to the nine years of its best and worst times.

Birthweek's Krazy TV Roundup Birthweek's Krazy TV Roundup

Welcome to Day 5 of Birthweek 9 for Observation Deck. On this day sixty-four years ago in space history a person in the US was hit by a rock. Not just any rock, but a rock from space. The Wikipedia page on the event states that the rock first crashed through her house’s roof and then hit a radio and then hit her. But…

I've Got a Birthweek I've Got a Birthweek

Eleven years ago the above video was created by Colin Sanders.

Show me your birthweek Show me your birthweek

The above video has no direct links to science fiction, fantasy, horror, science, or futurism1. It’s a video from Rugrats, an animated American television program that aired episodes from 1991 to 2004. I would generally say it is outside of Observation Deck content, but io9 wrote directly about it earlier this year2,…

Birthweek looks familiar Birthweek looks familiar

One hundred and two years ago Also sprach Zarathrustra was first performed. Today is a birthday, of sorts, for that symphonic work by Strauss which was inspired by Nietzsche’s novel of the same name.

Happy 9th birthday Observation Deck! Happy 9th birthday Observation Deck!

Nine years ago today the io9 staff created Observation Deck

Update: Kinja search functionality changed, confused me to heck, inspired me to write something wrong Update: Kinja search functionality changed, confused me to heck, inspired me to write something wrong

Update: I thought I had run into a Gizmodo Media Group (GMG) change but the change was on my software’s end, not on their end.

Decimal points matter Decimal points matter

Look at that hole in a fairly recent (2000 year old?) human skull.

It is not difficult to include links in Kinja It is not difficult to include links in Kinja

Ok. So. You’re a science writer for a website. You get assigned, or you assign yourself, to write an article about a science research paper. The research paper did not come out today, it instead went online on July 13th. That means other people have already written about it. For example, it was covered by New Scientist

Our once and future overlords? Our once and future overlords?

Back in April of 2016, io9’s second editor, Charlie Jane Anders, left io9.

Gizmodo covered some new sauropod research Gizmodo covered some new sauropod research

Earlier this week, Gizmodo’s science writer intern was able to cover two fossil dinosaur news items in one day. That coverage was better than what some of Gizmodo’s science writers have written, but there’s the occasional area wherein some better writing or better editing could have made a stronger article. Here are… updates through time, with 9 updates updates through time, with 9 updates

Screenshots as a form of digital archaeology

Bricken out, Pantozzi up Bricken out, Pantozzi up

Rob Bricken used Twitter today to announce that as of the end of July he will no longer be employed at Gizmodo’s io9.

Narcisse out Narcisse out

As announced on the Twitters, io9 Senior Writer Evan Narcisse will be ending his time at io9 in the near future.

Arthur William Bell 1945-2018 Arthur William Bell 1945-2018

The Nevada news is reporting that Art Bell has deceasified as of yesterday. I do not know how to properly eulogize someone who encapsulated so many personalities into one human body so I will instead just admit I never called into his program.

With apologies to With apologies to

It was the end of February and online science writing had to tackle a story about microscopic organisms. For the Gizmodo Media Group, that meant someone at Gizmodo had to tackle the story. The usual suspect was chosen.

On elephants and mastodons On elephants and mastodons

An article two weeks ago interested me and I finally had time today to dissect it a little.

Amphibians and specialization Amphibians and specialization

On February 15th, well-known comedian1 pretending to be an op-ed columnist for The New York Times David Brooks wrote an article about adaptable humans. He chose to use the word Amphibians. This word usage prompted Deadspin’s Albert Burneko to also use the word, attempting to correct Brooks. I will attempt to correct…

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