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TIL...(Goodnight Oppo) TIL...(Goodnight Oppo)

...that director David Lynch has been a part of a jazz band since the ‘90's called Thought Gang (article below and/or comments), and I’ve learned of Kamasi Washington.


TIL this is real

TIL (update)

TIL that if you set your VPN to a UK server, fire up this website, https://www.questod.co.uk, ignore the Cookies Policy, and scroll to Fifth Gear, you can watch their first 2 new episodes by just clicking on the video link.


This exist


* I should have known better


Edd’s coming back real soon!


Will Buxton is the host of Formula1.com’s post race show

I Am Your Father I Am Your Father

Being sick, I was scrolling through Netflix and came across a little documentary called I Am Your Father. It’s about the life of actor David Prowse, centered around his involvement with Star Wars. Though kind of somber in tone, I found it worth watching. The film maker always thought Prowse got screwed by not being…

TIL about the ~700ci GMC V12 TIL about the ~700ci GMC V12

This thing has nearly 600 lb ft of torque. Enough to pull three 747s and a scyscraper down simultaneously.


That someone really wanted a Hellcat convertible

Today I Learned Me a Thing Today I Learned Me a Thing

The first gen Suzuki XL-7 (basically a stretched Grand Vitara) could be had with a manual transmission and a third row seat. There are very few cars ever offered, in the U.S. at least, with that combo.


The Kia Borrego still exist in other parts of the world as the Mohave.


this exists

Dual Gullwing Challenger Limo Has The Same Aftermarket Wheels As My Amanti Dual Gullwing Challenger Limo Has The Same Aftermarket Wheels As My Amanti

I would have never known this if it wasn’t for Sampsonite24. I guess my future car purchase has been decided, but can I Challenger Phatcat it?


...that fish do burnouts to impress girls too.

Learned something new today

Reading the article in pip bip’s post

TIL: Swollen Lug Nuts Are a Thing TIL: Swollen Lug Nuts Are a Thing

Took the MKZ in for an oil change and tire rotation, they came back and told me they couldn’t rotate the wheels unless they replaced the lug nuts because they are swollen. Quoted me $130 for a new set of lug nuts.

TIL - 20 November TIL - 20 November

i share my birthday with Joe Biden (VP)

The Official WRC Driver Of Oppo

...apparently reads my stuff. Awwwww yesssss.

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