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New Plan for Weekend Driver New Plan for Weekend Driver

Step one, Purchase Limo:

Kimi Raikkonen Thug Life Kimi Raikkonen Thug Life

I’ll admit it. I laughed.

It's getting deep out there... It's getting deep out there...

How deep, you ask? Let WHDH's Pete Bouchard put it in perspective for you...

Good new & bad news Good new & bad news

The good news is, I finally found out when I actually get my parking pass. The bad news is, I found out the hard way that that time is a week from today:

The LONG Weekend Roundup The LONG Weekend Roundup

So for the long weekend (at least here in 'Murica), this is the Weekend Roundup. I didn't do shit this weekend car wise. Hell, I barely left the house. Yesterday was spent cleaning and charring the flesh of animals on my grill while drinking a Strongbow looking like this:

Cylon Vs Raptor Cylon Vs Raptor

I know all of you have had this discussion at one time or another, it is a question that has plagued the country for years. Your sitting in the pub with your mates and your trying to decide who would win in a fight between, a Cylon Raider and a Ford Raptor. In the battle of Cylon Vs Raptor, we now know that Raptor…

Madoff would be proud

Goldman Sachs should hire this guy