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a toggle-open-toggle-closed script

A while ago I wrote an ahk script that toggles open a dictionary text file which is used to improve the pronunciation abilities of a text-to-speech program that I use. The same key combo opens the file for changes, saves the edits and closes the file. The lingering problem was that often, the script would close down…

Autohotkey and Batch Scripts, Found Somewhere

I found a couple of Autohotkey scripts while reading stackoverflow and an ahk subreddit. They work on Win7x64, but might also work on newer versions of Windows. I can’t test though. Anybody want to? This first one moves you back and forth between two windows, be they folders or programs or some document or other. I set…

What Taskbar

This script suppresses the taskbar in Win7, including the white line that remains when the taskbar is auto-hidden. <——————————————-> #NoEnv #NoTrayIcon SendMode Input SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% #SingleInstance force SetNumLockState, AlwaysOn Process, Priority, , High Loop { WinWait, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd WinHide ahk_class…

AHK Workspaces - Window Management AutoHotkey Script AHK Workspaces - Window Management AutoHotkey Script

Are there certain Workspaces, or groups of windows (applications, file folders, etc.), that you have to open and arrange in a specific way every time you do certain tasks? It can be time consuming if you do this manually. And if you pivot between various tasks and workspaces frequently throughout the day, that time…

Old But Good Tips for Manipulating Files

It never hurts to repeat these tips, to myself included. Cut-copy-paste-undo-redo work in all manner of places on Windows, not just among words. Deleted a file? Want it back? Stop where you are and press ctrl+z. Rename a file or group of files? Stop where you are and do the same, ctrl+z. Do you need to redo something,…

Autohotkey, the Decapitator

I found this, probably at an ahk thread. I may have even posted it before. The rub is what to do with it.

An AHK Script To Autohide Any Title Bar

This script is coming along. And it works, for the most part, at least on Win7. What I’m looking for, is someone to help figure out how to retain the Size option. <- While the script is running, Size is grayed out in the control menu. Wondered if I could have some input? Much thanks.

Another (Late) Autohotkey Script That Hides the Taskbar

I made an ahk script that (watches) for the taskbar and that little white-line indicator, and then makes them not there. I did it for a couple of reasons. I want the screen clean, but I don’t want to be the one doing it, so this:

Open, Edit, and Close a File With a Single Key Combo

Here is an AutoHotkey script to open a specific file for editing, then close it with the same combo.

Windows Magnifier and the Mouse Wheel

If anyone out there is using Autohotkey and wants Windows Magnifier to treat the mouse wheel like it does the Plus/Minus keys on the numeric keypad (whether or not your keyboard has one), you might want to try these lines in your script, or use them in a script of their own.

Switch Between Two Audio Devices In a Snap With AutoHotKey Switch Between Two Audio Devices In a Snap With AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey is pretty awesome and it's been featured a bunch over the years on Lifehacker.

More AHK-IE Scripting

Here are some Ahk overrides that make IE less of a bump to get around, namely if one's main browser is Ffx. Some other stuff is thrown in as well.

Moving Through Tabs With Autohotkey and IE

This script lets you navigate IE tabs with a tap of the control key. Double-tap goes the other way. You can change the hotkey of course. Ctrl just seems like the handiest for me. #IfWinActive ahk_class IEFrame Ctrl:: ; Lazy Tab (ctrl) for IE if winc_presses > 0 { winc_presses += 1 return } winc_presses = 1 SetTimer,…

MetaGroup - script for Autohotkey

Here is the latest version of an ahk script I call "metagroup". What it does is this. You use the combos, ctrl+numpad1-3 to move among groups of things.

"Run" at center screen

On Win7x64, this script overrides the default Win+R behavior and places the Run dialog panel at center screen.

opening/editing/closing a file with one key combo

Ok I fixed the script that I had to scratch from a previous post. I find this kind of ahk toggling to be very handy. This script in particular will open a designated file, so you can make edits, then close it again, all with the same key combination. The opening/closing happens with the key combo #numpad9, which is, the…

toggling a folder/app/file open/closed

broken post. broken script. I need to fix it.

Windows - centering a panel

I came up with an ahk script that puts an end to one of those little annoyances that add up over time. When I open a Windows system-related panel, such as the one for drive properties, the panel will appear, wherever, on-screen. You can't know where Windows will put it when you launch such a thing. More to the point,…

remap alt+tab to alt+esc

There was a discussion going on at 10 Things You Can Do On a PC Without Ever Touching the Mouse. Carrying on from a tip I posted there, I added this one to my ahk scripts. LAlt & Tab::Send !{ESC} ^^ drop that into a script and you're done. You will get to places faster, and with less finger yoga. When you press the usual…

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